17 Jul

Katy was standing crooked to talk to her boyfriend Max who was sitting at the driver’s seat. The licence to love was delayed and they were desperate as well as restive. “This is the reason I tell you people don’t wan’t to get married at all.” Seema and Katy ambling in the park often get into petty fights but today for a change the fellows were quite at ease with the way conversation was headed.
Katy : this is going nowhere…
Ralph : there’s always a way out
Her boyfriend Ralph is sick and tired of her tantrums, the more he tries to make things right the more bungled up it gets not only for him but both of them

It has been two years since Katy called home. The moment her Mom’s picture flashed on the tablet of hers’ her tongue turned green and lips violet. Same thing happened that day and and the only cure to this disease is love. Which is so rare to find in this day and age.

She is living on fruits these days especially orange. She is God’s favorite child and maybe that’s why he’s testing her so rigorously. But Katy will find a solution to this problem soon, she has faith in Him.

Today was a fruitful day, as in she bought bananas for herself on her way back home. She was thinking about love potion that day. What could be the ingredients of true love. Of all the things it would not be bitter in taste. It must be neither too hot nor too cold, neither too colourful nor too colorless…that would make it a spirit that can be sprinkled enamourosly on the target. Now the cupid story everyone knows, ours is the stupid story, so guys keep holding on to your seatbelts, this is going to be a killer – ride. Knock down those who come in your way, but but but only after mutual understanding. This is two way traffic and accidents lead to extra-marital affairs. First of all, figure out what all are the things that attract the victim. Sorry guys, the answer is magnetic chess. I didn’t know my readers are so mushy to believe in such thing as love potion. Let’s talk about the weather neither hot neither cold, neither frigid nor arid zone it must be like a pack of ice-cream cone. Now arises the most important question, if love were an ice-cream cone, what would it taste like? Yummy delightful crispy hmmmm this is a dicey situation, but the solution simple. Each to his own. We all have our own flavors of love. If I say chocolate vanilla will hate me for that. If I have to say it then I’ll say it must be a strawberry cake. Why? We all cut cream cakes on our birthday. Don’t we love ourselves, friends and family? My flavor of love might not match with your flavor of love. Otherwise no-one would have heard of The Match-makers, The Wedding planners.the universal truth is we all love ourselves and everybody loves everybody else the degree the extent might vary. The shape of relationship might vary. But the intrinsic bonds remain tight. With that said I don’t support Casanovas, please! Like a father loves his son, like a student revers his teacher, like a boss embosses his employees, like you love your co-worker in a professional world. We all need love but more importantly we all need to give back love. Care for others, our siblings.

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