17 Jul

Why do I even care to look back. Its been 16 months since we broke up. I went upstairs and cried and cried. The emotions however overwhelming they were had their own way of quietening me down softening his heart and moving his soul.tears have a cryptic way of linking lasting bonds. Silence, yes silence has its own way of saying things. The dark devil in him was dead by now. The pen was no longer shining through his pocket but instead lied on the floor with blood swayed all over it.

Recalls his speech to his employees last night
“I have given my sweat and blood to this organization. I have tortured myself over the years reinvented myself again and again just to match up to your levels of esteemed perfection. But sorry guys, now, now I need a break. Now I wanna free myself from all these stupid chains that pull me down. Now I wanna live like I used to be. I want to go back to the person that I was before. I want to be me. Is that not a reason good enough to leave all else and breathe, just breathe nothing else but breathe.”, exclaimed Jacob
“what’s wrong with you?”,asked Phil Johnson and Jacob’s father.
“nothing”.obviously this mundane reply wasn’t going to quieton him down.a dad’s heart is a dad’s heart after all.
“are you alright?”, asked Phil with extreme apathy.He had by now gotten used to Jacob’s quick-silver behavior.
“finally I see things clear. Now is the time to make things right.” replied Jacob.
“oh I see…” the dad in him had lost its sheen.
“this is the guy who pulled all of us in this shit, no no no no no you can’t change the rules of the game at your whims and fancy. We all have an equal stake in this.”, Jacob was sharp and quick in his response.

Eighteeen years ago, three young high spirited men laid the foundation of this state empire business that includes orchards, farms and much more. Phil Johnson, Pascal Dury and Seven Nebula,The Trinity as they were amiably referred to in the world of philanthropy.


Serbia and Jacob

I don’t care what you think nor say
You know what? This is your problem. You never listen.
But you need to understand this once and for all that we’re no puppets. We too have feelings, we too have a heart.
“You can’t take decisions without consulting us all, this is cheating Jacob, said Seven Nebula
Every interaction like a chain reaction has an effect on the whole world and we don’t want the whole world from turning into a monster, said Pascal.
Tell that bastard to shut up, crid Jacob
Jacob is involved in a love affair with Seven’s daughter Serbia
No I wont

When Judy died, you all were on fire. The whole office was burnt down, I was the one who had the courage to walk on the broken glass, simmer down the fiery public fuming with rage. Phil vented all his ire.
Serbia fell on the floor
SERBIA : “what happened to the love we shared, Jacob? No Jacob no Serbia, mind it.”

JACOB : There are so many things one needs to sort out before you plan to die.
SERBIA : But why would you want to die?
JACOB : Because I want to
JACOB : Because I feel like
SERBIA : Feel like what
JACOB : Killing myself
SERBIA : Stop it
The blue night was getting darker. The chill of the winds was felt by both young hearts. The sizzling serenade of the flowing waters was more than a loveable company, it made for a picturesque setting for the brimming romance. Life teaches us a lot. I know.

Don’t play with fire.
I went to the drugstore and bought morphine, it was the only escape from all those melancholic thoughts.

At last it was Serbia’s turn to blast out . “Where were you when I was about to lose myself to somebody I didn’t know. Where were you when I tried to kill myself. Where were you when the pain got so unbearable that I almost died.
I hate you I hate you I hate you
Change will happen
Change will happen
You’ve made my life hell repeating this sentence time and again. I hate you and hate you all.”

Jacob : Calm down.
Serbia : No this time I won’t.
Phil : Okay.
SEVEN : Let her go.
PASCAL : She’s a free bird.
Jacob : I won’t stop you.

SERBIA : I wish you did. She said to herself.

SERBIA : Sitting beneath the banyan for hours I used to wish you were here with me.

SERBIA With you I have found the lost child in me. I now know what life is, what living means to me. I’m nothing without you.
Jacob : Will you stop this nonsense.
Serbia : Only if you start that shit.
Jacob : Shut up.
SERBIA : Look at your face it has love written all over it.
Jacob : doesn’t matter who said what, who is more important is that we’re still together. You make my world go round. You are the life in me, you are my soulmate, how stupid I was. I’m sorry for hurting you so much.

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