Mr. Juneja’s riddles

17 Jul

Mr. Juneja’s riddles

The random riddles of South Park extension’s Mr. Juneja were liked by all. There comes a time in your life when you got to choose, you need to make a decision, and that decision brings out an amendment that can be refilled only by its owner as if it were a car. Losing patience is a very big folly. One needs to guard against that mistake of losing temper. Speak politely and be tension free. Blue-eyed guys are quite lucky. When your love turns 25, you get overwhelmed very overwhelmed. The heavenly gods above watch over our love like a safety net. The simplicity and surprising vicinity towards Him is the only way to seek Him. The ordain demands of daily nature can not be suppressed but yeah a kind of balance can be achieved.

Dreams are one place where you can meet your fears, but in real life you get a chance to repel them by way of subconscious planning. Thus you got a readymade plan in hand to tackle those fears. Its Important to try at least once to convey the message to your beloved that I love you honey I love you so much that words fail to describe.

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