18 Jul

Critical thinking :

Its important never to stop questioning. – Einstein

Most of us don’t ask the questions.

Those of us who do, are of two types. Type A, those who ask a question out of habit and type B who do it for the sport of it, no points for guessing the ones teachers hate.  Frame your questions properly. Make them more specific and exact.

A logical question is always appreciated by anyone. It shows that the interrogator is sharp and witty. In a dialogue, a question shows interest on part of the listener and can breathe life into any dull conversation too. Any student or learner should be inquisitive. Asking the right questions will take you far in life. With each good query you move a step up the ladder, getting closer and closer to success. Keep moving ahead step by step and you’ll see your ideas turning to life before your eyes. 

What are the alternatives that I have? What can I do with the spare time that I have? Am I not just wasting my time?

Critical thinking works like that.

Why does critical thinking fail?

    1. The perpetual thinker vs the impulsive driver
    2. The people who lack proper skills of critical thinking, who have poor judgment, often miss the bus as either they take way too much time in thinking things through or take rash decisions .
    3.  Of all the vices in the world, this seems the worst to me…the word is procrastination. You suffer from it when you don’t feel like doing things and you start looking for a lee-way to save your ass. An idle person is just lazying around without any rime or reason but a true idle person tells himself “oh gosh, the presentation is due tomorrow. I have plenty of time left with me, I’ll do that later. It’s such a petty thing, it will only take me two minutes to get over with it”. Do you think he will ever do it? Never.
    4. if you put away something for tomorrow, you will never get back to do it.
    5. Why waste time, let me see what I can do with it. Oh yea, I’ve got that presentation to get over with. I’ll make the presentation right now. This is the best part about successful people. They make the most of their leisure time. Umbero Eco, The Name of the Rose fame, revealed his secret to the world that he works in interstices. Some people say oh I can’t work in an environment like that, but the real go-getters don’t let anything bother them. Put him in a crowdy bus, a railway station, a park, a noisy room where people are busy shouting at each other, tearing each others’ hairs, and still he will do fine, such is the extent of his focus.
    6. If you are complaining about internal or external factors, you are only giving excuses…I’m not giving a  lame excuse. I got stuck in a genuine problem. Blah. All excuses are lame.
    7. The psychological term “defense mechanism”.

Defense mechanism, an unconscious response that develops over time, it is a way people try to evade the things that can be painful or unpleasant. For example a person may not like to let in anyone for the fear of losing him later. As the sub-conscious mind sees the situation as a potential threat. It happens with many people who find themselves not yet prepared to tie the knot or those who have a hard time getting close to someone. They just run away from relationships as losing someone can be a painful proposition, they may not be even aware of why they’re so commitment phobic. The reason why  it’s a  sub-conscious response, not known to or hidden from the conscious mind

Also these people have become conditioned to sub-standard life.

You’re lying to nobody but your own self. This is again an attitudinal problem. It has nothing to do with social status, educational qualification, your family back-ground. No matter how big the troubles you face today, they are not so big that you can’t handle them. What kind of a man is that who does not believe in himself?

    1. Also people with a poor emotional quotient, and those who have no respect for ethics often end up choosing the wrong option. 


Critical thinki…

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