master plan

18 Jul

Master plan

Think think think.

Frame questions.

Jot them down as they come to your head.

Then sort them.

Put them into categories

Check for the following :

Create a strategy 


The goal is exact.  


Reform it

the goals should be

  • Attainable
  • Pragmatic
  • Deadline

For example I am a student. I need to make a career choice. How do I go about that?


Start asking yourself questions.



    1. What are my interests? 
        1. Reading, listening to music.
        2. Cooking, writing, reading, listening to music.
        3. Writing
        4. Poetry writing
        5. Indoors. I’m a home-body.
        6. Writing, languages, philosophy, psychology, biology. All things creative.





    2. What do I enjoy doing?
    3. What is it that I love the most?
    4. What are my hobbies?
    5. Where do I like it more indoors or outdoors, home-country or abroad?
    6. What is it that I excel in, something that I’m good at?
    7. Do I have what it takes to be there?
    8. I don’t know I can make it or not.


Start pruning your list of questions.

First omit the ones that have a negative attitude. The questions of self doubt not the questions you have doubts about. Remember, you can’t find answers to all the questions. This is just a process of making things easier for you. With each step the picture gets clearer. which make you a false sense of reality.





Eliminate question no. 7 and 8, eliminate a question if it is a question of self-doubt.

 You should have full faith in yourself and your abilities. Don’t hesitate in taking risks. But take calculated risks. If you wanna fly like a bird and you go and jump off cliff, that is suicidal not risk. But if you enroll for a paragliding course, take proper training and guidance from professionals, you can achieve that pretty easily. But if you fail, you should have an alternate plan ready or think of an alternate plan then.

Keep your goals dynamic. The master plan needs to be reviewed from time to time. Pay attention to the detail, if your working on a masterpiece. 



Second level of questions based on the answers and other questions that come to your mind. Remember this is a dynamic process, you can also go back and add newer questions.

    1. What are the career fields related to that?
    2. What are the lines of profession related to that?
    3. What are the options that I have?
    4. The channels through which I can publish my poetry
    5. What is the scope?
    6. What are the courses available at the university and school level where I can combine these subjects.


Categorize :

Think of categories that the questions fall into.

Here the categories can be



    1. do I have the money to take up a course?
    2. Should I go for an on the job training program? 
    3. What is my budget?
    4. Should I consider for an education loan, even if I have the cash, is it a better option?




When you’re framing the questions, there’ll be points where you can’t think of none at all. When you reach a dead-lock. Your first reaction could be to throw it all away. Find the problem area, solve it and get-back to framing questions. The most common reasons include an unwillingness to plan, an aversion to change, people are afraid of trying things out for the first time, tell your self its normal and fight away all of your fears. Is anything distracting you? You know, the best way to deal with distractions is to block them altogether. Is it your cell-phone, just lock yourself in a room where there are no distractions at all. Concentrate on the problem at hand. Difficulties, distractions, dreads, day-dreams all these d’s are nothing but things that we see when we move are eyes off the target.

I can’t think of anything, my mind just blowed up. Replace this negative thought with a  more positive idea. I can think of something, just ten more minutes and after ten minutes give a little more time to it. The winner has the same caliber as the other athletes yet gives a lil more than what he was capable of, he ran and ran and kept running till the end. Nothing works like success. Losers will say, it was his day, it was luck. But only the winner knows the effort and energy he spent on it.




Prioritize :


The things that matter the most to you.

The order of your preference.

The best possible way out.



The priorities can change with time but don’t change your goals that easily, you can always think of alternative routes to reach your destination. 

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