18 Jul

I think the most important thing in life is to be present in the present. Be aware of the things around you as they are. Its like I’ve been in a parallel universe of my own, its hard to concentrate on reality. Some say I think way too much, I need to concentrate on reality. What is reality? Asking stupid questions makes no sense to anyone. So is it not required to frame questions like what is my aim or real calling in life. Cuz they are like if you keep thinking all the time, when will you do things. What I have done is wasted time thinking about things, which do not exist, assumptions, fears which are far from truth. So an important lesson in life is to be proactive, be prepared. And have confidence in my own self. What kind of a person is that who does not even have confidence in himself. So its important to priorities and not waste too much time in thinking. See, thinking in advance is good and bad. Good if you think with a clear and positive mind, when you plan about your future and when your thoughts are working towards a set direction. But if you let your mind go wild goose hunting in an undergrowth without any idea where you’re going, it can be disastrous. An empty mind is devil’s workshop, its not something we don’t know about. But then another situation arises that things don’t always go by the way you planned them. Such is life. Its unpredictable and you can’t expect things to turn out the way you want each time. Things go wrong for no reason. So that’s why I say, make plans but plans should be dynamic. You should be up for the next challenge that comes your way. So think things through be confident expect the unexpected and keep moving on.

People tend to have a short memory. Do not care about what others say about you. Be polite whenever you can but stand up for your rights be firm in your resolve. Let go of the past. People judge you on what you did, but you know who you are and that’s what matters the most. Be practical. Be pragmatic. 

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