Diamonds are forever…

Only the jeweller knows the worth of a diamond, for others its just another piece of stone.

A great thought, I came across in a television soap a few days ago and it kind of stuck somewhere in myhead. The reason being what if the diamond can’t find itself an expert(jeweler of course), how on earth is it going to find out its real worth? Does the diamond in itself doesn’t have an innate ability, can’t it be to its own self and still be able to unleash its real power, I say power as its got the magnetic powers of attracting attention of people once it finds itself in the right place, for example, adorning a lady’s neck or a diamond ring at that, its what women are ready to die for. Unlike words such as beauty or other fashionable words which reduce its value to a mere decorative piece which is not true. Diamond, indeed, is the world’s hardest substance and finds utility in cutting glass walls etc. no other substance can do that now! You might find it funny but I somehow take the word diamond to be the name of a pet dog or something else not that the rock, it is. I prefer using the term with an ‘s’ wherever I can which sounds more high-end classy to me for eg. “I’m wearing diamonds” or use it as an adjective like “diamond ring”, “diamond earrings ” “the watch is embellished with diamonds”. It has taken the world markets by storm. Fashionistas swear by their designer accessories done in diamonds‚Ķsurely a diamond piece heads turn and jaws drop at any event.
Coming to the main topic, if diamonds had the inner power to rule the world without the careful cutting and shaping done by the jeweler, (which has got a scientific angle to it, its opposite sides are cut so as to bend light multiple times within the diamond block so that we get a sparkling effect due to the multiple total internal reflections. It has a highest refractive index of 2.4 which means a lesser angle of incidence can also exihibit this phenomenon in diamonds.) by the way its called the critical angle. I thought about it and came up with this idea if diamonds were people.

Each one of us is a diamond. Recently star, Li Na who won Roland Garrows French open Grand Slam title was a badminton player early on when she was advised by her coach to switch to tennis as her game(badminton at that time) suggested she could do way better in tennis and rest, as they say is history. The Chinese ace was all praise for her mentor at the press meet soon after clenching the title.
Also she’s the first Chinese and also the only Asian ever to win a Grand Slam quite a feat in itself.

But I’m not sure if the need of a mentor is really that crucial to figure out your true calling. Are we not supposed to know what suits us the best and the things we are good at uncannily often those which we love doing. I think the sheer joy of doing what we love makes it special, then, we are not looking forward to the outcome of our work but merely enjoying ourselves thoroughly while we are at it, which in retrospect is the reason it turns out that well in the end. Oh yes! It does!!! So, don’t waste a single minute anymore, Get up and Get down to doing your best by simply doing what you love…


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