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I call your name
Mr. Honey collector
All the same
A virulent vector
You’re sinking to my soul
Starting to control
You only play your role
You stick to the pole

Afraid? What he you lord your grip?
I will make you slip
Chasing all the secret signs
Cuz you always get ahead in time..
You might have tasted many hives
Cut the lime.. and commit the dark crimes
What will you do when your heart starts to pine?
One mr the other gets hurt
You know am not an expert
look up the skies
I dabbed myself in dies
shining in my eyes
Onus love will come with a prize!
Am a shade me grey
No matter wha you say
You and I
make sweet love
in the unheard ways
gigfr than the heavens above
getting drenched in the intoxicating showers
Amidst the fragrant flowers
Seems like you’re a source of light
All the lights people do at night
Baby! I’m yours tonight!
I miss you so much
Tell me is this freedom
If only you acne close and touch
You never know wha it night become
Maybe I’m on the dark side
Away a million miles
But I’m someone you can’t avoid
With all your dangerous viles.
Maybe he the worker collide
will you still be able to hide?
No matter the weather
lighter than a feather
someday some way we will be together
Agitating my integrity draped in lather
Things you do, make my head spin
You keep trying so hard, but just can’t win 🙂
lord control! Hit the goal!!
I’m on the freeze
Dig a deep deep hole
let the heat increase
Sometime you gotta stay in
We don’t have to pretend now!
Pricking my skin with a pin
like a true gentleman you take a bow!
I fall even harder than last time
Show e your scars now, will you?
Pick yourself a paradigm
I keep singing to a chime
You inadvertently usurp
the devil in me
Making me drink the potion in cup
she’s your enemy
green with envy
She’s slowly eat you up
Never let’s you sleep
But we keep
tossing and turning in bed
thinking we start to weep
me all the things we never said
But our eyes, they speak instead!
look at to what it led
last night I lost everything in a raid
Wwt call k spade, a spade! 😛

Love me like no other free fall like a feather

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